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Are the rates on your site per person or per room per night?
All the rates displayed on our site are per room (not per person) per night.

Does the price include any meals?
If there are any meals included in the price, this will be made clear in the accommodation website. Hotels in India generally do not include breakfast in their rates.

How accurate is the information contained on this site?
We carefully check the information on to ensure it is accurate. However, the information and prices shown may have changed by the time you come to book as, regrettably, errors do occur. On occasions, certain facilities or amenities such as swimming pools or restaurants may not be open or available due to maintenance, adverse weather conditions, insufficient demand or other reasons outside our control.

How do I make the payments?
When you make a booking with Hotels, you shall receive a booking ID for your reference. Once we confirm the hotel reservation, we shall be sending a link to make the payments by credit card (By Fax Authorization).

What ID do I need to check-in?
You will need to provide a copy of your hotel vouchers, which we be available to you online and you may take the print out for your reference.

Can I extend my stay once I am there?
You may be able to extend your stay if you wish. However, this must be done in consultation with the hotel. Please note, the tariff may be different from what you received booking through  Hotels.

Is my children's cost included in your rates?
Any applicable children costs will be detailed and are payable direct to the hotel.

Can I cancel a booking?
Yes. Visit the link cancellation available on the top of the page. You will require the booking ID, the username and password you provided at registration to cancel or modify a booking.

Is there a waiting list for sold out hotels?
In certain instances, Hotels can make reservations at sold out properties. You may send your reservation request by filling our reservation form.

How long will it take to respond to my reservation request?
All reservation requests will result in a new screen showing a booking ID, which should be kept and used with any future correspondence with . Additionally, all reservations will be followed up with an email within 2 to 4 hours using the same Booking ID with the status of your reservation.

How do I check on my request for lodging?
You may view your reservation using the "my account” link at the top of the page. You may also use our support form to get in touch with us, please include your "Booking Number" which you will receive after you submit your booking.

Does Hotels charge me for the reservation service?
No. Prince Hotels does not charge you for making a booking through this site.

What are Rack Rates?
Rack Rate is the rate a hotel would offer you if you approached them directly. Almost all accommodation providers offer a special Internet rate for rooms booked through Indian Hotels.

What are the Rates in Green ?
We call them our “Cool Rates”. “Cool Rates” save you money. Because of the large number of lodging reservations we process, we are able to negotiate special rates with the properties. Booking a room marked as a “Cool Rate” gives you both savings and security. You can't beat that!

Where can I find descriptions of hotel facilities and rooms?
When you select a hotel, click "More lodging/hotel info” to display detailed information about the hotel.

What if I have forgotten my confirmation number?
You can contact us by using our support form, mentioning the details of the reservations.

How can I advise the hotel of my preferences regarding room type, view, etc?
When making your booking, please advise us of your preferences in the section marked "Special room requests". We shall forward the request to the hotel. Although we will try to meet your request we are unable to provide you with a guarantee. Occasionally, we receive more requests for a particular room type than we have available in a particular hotel or resort. When this occurs, we honour requests based on availability at check in.

When will my reservation be at the hotel?
Your name will not appear at the hotel until 72 hours before your arrival date. Rest assured, the room is booked; however, the hotel just does not know that you will be the person staying in it.

How do I book a Hot Deal?
Hot Deals are booked from the Hot Deal page. Start by selecting the Hotel/Hot Deal you are interested in and follow the steps to complete the booking.

Can I book more than one Hot Deal?
Of course you can book as many Hot Deals as you like, although you will have to fill out a separate booking form for each Hot Deal.

Can I book more than one room for my Hot Deal?
You can book up to five rooms for any Hot Deal, subject to availability.

Do I receive confirmation of my Hot Deal booking?
When you successfully complete your Hot Deal booking, a booking ID will be generated.
We recommend you record this number and the booking details. You will also receive confirmation of your booking via the email address you provided on the booking form. And on receipt of the payments, you shall be sent the hotel vouchers.

Why I am not getting instant confirmations?
The per night charges (including tax) will be provided along with your confirmation number via return e-mail in approximately 24 business hours. Many hotels have yet to develop 'instant online reservation' technology in India, however quite a few people want to stay at these hotels. In such cases the reservation request comes to our staff (via a secure server). We then contact the hotel to find availability at the rate displayed, make a reservation and send an email to the client quoting the final confirmation. At this moment we request you to make the payments for us to issue the hotel vouchers.

What number do I call to make my reservation?
You only need to call one number to make your reservation. Call +91-141-2226126. Please do not call us for getting telephone numbers of the hotels and hotel information. Use our search options to search for hotels.

What happens to my personal details when I make a booking or subscribe to the newsletter?
When you visit this site, the information you provide is used to enhance the services we offer and to personalise other special offers. Click here for more information.

Where do we can book the hotels?
At present is offering hotel reservations in India. You can see the complete

Please explain the hotel rating used on the ?
To learn more about the hotel rating, please visit the hotel rating details page.

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